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City of LONDON Photo Shoot, TV and Film Locations for Hire

SHOOTFACTORY is internationally acclaimed for its quality shoot locations and unique event venues in the City of London. With over a dozen unique locations, our professionals, the industry’s best, have staged the set for your photo shoot or tv and film needs. All locations in the City of London have been carefully selected.

Apartments, houses, a garage, church, den, and the best event venues are all now available for hire.

Our friendly and efficient staff is available to assist you throughout the process. Please note, some location properties have restrictions and may not be able to fit your needs; our experts are always available to lend a hand.

Don’t forget that if you prefer to look for yourself, then we also have a Location Search page where you are able to select a particular style of location property, or key features to limit your search.

With nearly ten years of experience, our brand has assisted in crafting trusted brands through their advertising. Every property tells a story and with new locations being added each week, we can help you find the best location to showcase your brand’s narrative.

City of LONDON

The City borders Westminster, crosses the Victoria Embankment from the Thames, turns west of Middle Temple, then north up Chancery Lane, where it borders Camden. East along Holborn to Holborn Circus, and then north east to Charterhouse Street. It creates a boundary with Islington at Farringdon Rd. The boundary includes all of the Barbican Estate and continues east along Ropemaker Street and its continuation on the other side of Moorgate, becomes South Place. It goes north, reaching the border with Hackney, then east, north, east on back streets, with Worship Street forming a northern boundary, so as to include the Broadgate estate.

The boundary then turns south at Norton Folgate and becomes the border with Tower Hamlets. It continues south into Bishopsgate, and takes some backstreets to Middlesex Street (Petticoat Lane) where it continues south-east then south. It then turns south-west, crossing the Minories so as to exclude the Tower of London, and then reaches the river. It then runs up the centre of the Thames, with the exception that Blackfriars Bridge falls within the City; the City controls London Bridge (as part of Bridge ward) but only half of the river underneath it, a feature which is unique in British local administration.

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