How The Chinese Film Industry Is Changing

Michael McDermott is the executive producer and owner of Gung-Ho Films. He came to China in 1990 in order to study film.

It was an exciting time for China because the communist era in the country had just ended. China was also becoming more westernised. Today, every aspect of Chinese life has been westernised, and that includes the film industry.

Gung-Ho Films


Filming in China

Michael McDermott established Gung-Ho Films in 2000. It quickly became the top production service provider in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It has changed the Chinese filming industry for the better. Michael McDermott has worked on TV productions, Hollywood films and commercials. He has stated that his company is the only one in China that is providing high end services for a wide variety of people. Production companies, advertising agencies and television networks are some of the clients that have worked with Gong Ho Films. Some of Gung-Ho Films credits include Spike Jonze’s feature film entitled “Her” and “An Inconvenient Truth”, which is a documentary by Al Gore. One of the reasons that Gung-Ho Films has been such as successful company is because Michael McDermott has an understanding of European, American and Chinese cultures. That is why it is so easy for him to relate to foreigners.

The Chinese film industry is growing in popularity. More directors are choosing  China as the location for filming their movies. One of the reasons that people are choosing China is because the landscape is more varied than it was in the past. Spike Jonze stated that the reason he choose to film in Shanghai is because he loved the way that the city looked. He also stated that there were parts of Shanghai that looked like futuristic Los Angeles, which fit perfectly with the story line. You can find anything from deserts to modern metropolis in China. Michael McDermott acts as a mediator between the local community and foreigners. He teaches foreigners about the culture. He also tells them how they can get most out of their local crews.

Clients who are coming from Europe and the United States want to get the most out of their filming experience. Michael McDermott ensures that their expectations are being met, regardless of whether they are in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. Michael states that his job is to make sure that his clients experience is both memorable and productive. One of the biggest changes that have been made in the Chinese filming industry within the past few years is that more money is now being spent on filming. Michael McDermott has stated that the entire country has moved upmarket. China is investing more money in luxury brands instead of low-cost brands.

In the past, the Chinese film industry had very poor production standards. Today, the bar has been raised thanks to people like Michael McDermott and his team. Because the bar has been raised, the Chinese film industry has been able to attract top photographers, advertising agencies and directors. When Michael McDermott first started Gong Ho Films, the Chinese economy was just beginning to exploded. The economy attracted United States and European companies. Michael stated that he started his film company during a crucial time because China was opening up new businesses, and many foreigners were interested in doing business there. Michael attributes much of the success of Gung-Ho films to timing.

Michael McDermott stated that high-end production standards was one of his top priorities. He wanted to Gung-Ho Films to meet Hollywood standards. His film studies allowed him to see how a professional company could meet high end production standards. Steven Klein and Mark McCartney are some of the famous photographers that Michael McDermott has had the privilege of working with during his career. He has also had the privilege of working with Tony Kaye, who was the director of American History X. Additionally, he has worked with BBH and BBDO, which are two creative agencies. Ed Nammour is another director who has had the privilege of working with Michael McDermott. He has stated that Gung-Ho Films sets the gold standard for film production overseas. Michael McDermott had a dream of creating a film company in China that delivered services that met Hollywood standards.

It is becoming more evidence that his dream has come true.

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