The Importance of Product Photography When Selling Online

You have less than three seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Three seconds. Make it count. The average Internet user is bombarded with ads, news stories, emails and ads.

Users have learned to focus with laser precision on only the content they need. Make yours count by using only the best online product photography for your website.

Pictures Sell Products

When you’re selling online, the photos do all of the work. People often quickly scroll through pictures to find what they want, so your photos have to be compelling enough to make them stop and take a look. Sharp, clear, colourful and vibrant images work best. Fuzzy, dark or distorted images will make people lose faith in your product and refuse to buy from you.

While product descriptions are helpful in selling online, most buyers are attracted to photos. In fact, many will not read the description if there is no photo present. Sites like Amazon and eBay that depend on photo listings often have a list of photo guidelines that can be helpful for use in your small business. These sites often specify a white background, or one that has to meet certain size or pixel requirements. These guides can be helpful in your website photography.

Types of Online Product Photos That Sell

The Scaling Shot

This shot shows the scale of your item. If you are selling a bracelet, you will want to show the bracelet on the wrist of the model to show the scale. Does it dangle or is it tight fitting? Scaling is important with any type of apparel. If your customer is buying a dress, they want to know if it will fall below the knees or whether it is considered a mini. Adding in the dimensions to your product description is helpful, but it is not nearly as effective as simply showcasing the product in a high-quality online photo.

Lifestyle Shots

These shots show the product being used in their natural environment. If you are selling beach balls, a shot of people playing with them on the beach is helpful. People often like to see photos of the products being used, and this can help boost sales on your page. There is one exception. If you are selling jewellery or apparel on auction sites, experts caution against using live models to showcase the items. People are reluctant to buy jewellery that they perceive is used, so it is best to simply photograph the items against a plain white background.

Lifestyle Shots - Product Photography

The Detail Shot

In many cases, it pays to show the detail on an item that you are selling on your site. This detail can include beading on a dress, a designer label or components on electronic equipment. It pays to get the sharpest images possible when taking a detail shot. Many webmasters use these shots in conjunction with others, showing both the full picture and the detail for the best effect.

The Detail Shot - Product Photography

Detail shots are excellent if you are promoting a brand name or a luxury item. The key to making the best of this shot is to use the right lighting to highlight one facet of the image. Make sure to view your detail shot from different devices to make sure it is visible and the details are sharp.

The Detail Shot - Online Product photography

The Group Shot

There may be times when you will want to group items together and sell them as a package. This is ideal for selling things like cameras and lenses, clothing and accessories and toys and books. Experts recommend designating one item as the “hero” item, or the item that will stand out visually from the rest. Centre the rest of the items around it, paying attention to balance and sizing for the best effect.

The Group Shot - Product photography

The Component Shot

Often, your item will have components that go with the product, either as add-ons or as part of the original product. Think of a computer that includes the mouse, keyboard and speakers. Or a mixer that includes a dough hook, extra blades and beaters. Photographing all of these items together adds value to the product, making it more likely that your customers will want to buy. It suggests that they are getting multiple items for the price of one.

The Component Shot - Product Photography

Things to Consider When it Comes to Product Photography

Mobile Browsers

More and more users are accessing the Web from the Internet than ever before. This makes a difference in how your product is perceived. If your site is not mobile responsive, you are going to turn away a large segment of the buying public. Make sure that your photos show well on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Use image enhancement to spruce up your photos and make them pop online.

Social Media

Social media can catapult your business into the stratosphere, but only if you know how to use it effectively. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have made household names of many small business owners. These sites rely on photos to tell a story and promote brand awareness. The key to leveraging these sites is to create photos that are shareable. A picture of a donut is not necessarily shareable. A photo of a man eating a donut while scaling a skyscraper is. When planning your social media image strategy, think of what will get the most attention and what people will be most likely to share.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Popular sites like Airbnb depend on professionals to photograph their sites. They fully understand the power of high quality photography and how it makes a difference in sales. If your company is heavily dependent on product sales, consider hiring a professional to take your photos for your site. An effective photographer and shoot location will deliver images that capture attention instantly.

When it comes to getting the best customer response for your products or services, the key is having vibrant images that sell. Whether you are running a day spa, selling dog supplies or designer wedding gowns, the right photos will make all of the difference.


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