Pinterest Marketing of Your Photography Business

What makes Pinterest the perfect social network for a photographer’s business marketing? Pinterest is a social network especially suited to sharing visually.

With a visual orientation, this social network allows the uploading of images or videos and sharing with others. Since the goal of Pinterest is to build a connection between “everyone in the world through the “things” they find interesting, it can be a marketing tool for all businesses.

Using Pinterest for Photographers


Using Pinterest for Photographers

Pinterest is an outstanding social network for photographers because of its highly visual medium giving businesses opportunities to engross consumers with captivating images. Small photography businesses as well as any other type small businesses can facilitate conversations centered on their brands with the use of “share” buttons, digital icons, which allow Pinterest visitors to click and share an image or content. As a user, you can choose to either upload images from your computer or pin things you find on the web with use of the Pinterest bookmarklet. Similar to most social networks, you can execute the standard functions of social networking that include following your friends boards, either liking or commenting on pins of other users, re-pinning content to other users boards, using email to share pins of others on Twitter or Facebook, and embedding individual pins on other users websites or blogs.

Marketing Your Photography Business on Pinterest

Suggestions for your profile:

  • Your profile must feature the name of your business to get maximum exposure. Your username should be your business name. If you prefer, you can set up your profile first and then change your profile name to your business name some time later.
  • The About section of your profile should include a paragraph telling who you are, what your business is and what your interests are. This information will show up directly under your portrait photo and will be a way users will discover more about you.
  • By connecting your account with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will gain followers. This connection will also add social media icons beneath your profile picture and provide a link to both your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Your website URL should be included in your profile.

Build a Following:

A great way to get started is to craft some pin boards before you actually start to build a Pinterest following. This will allow new followers to have a motivation to follow your pins. You can get your Pinterest following started in the following ways:

  • You can add a Pinterest follow button to your business website.
  • Use your social networks presence on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to encourage your followers on these to also follow your pins.
  • Try following users who you think would follow you back.
  • A way to launch your Pinterest presence might be to run a contest and promote it by writing a blog or post about it.


Put a Pin-It Button on Your Business Website:

By adding a Pin-It button to your business website, you will allow visitors to easily share your visual images or content to your site’s visual content. Similar to sharing buttons of other social media, this will assist you in exposing your brand to different viewers. At the same time, you can also showcase your presence on other social media accounts by adding a Pinterest follow button tool as well.

Develop Insight of Your Buyers:

Pinterest can be a tool for you to learn your ideal customers interests and needs. By viewing pin boards, you can gain an understanding of exactly who are your customers and what interests them.

Lead Pinterest Users Back to Your Business Website:

Including Pinterest in your marketing mix of social media is an outstanding opportunity for your business, but you should be sure you are generating enough results in order to make it worth your effort and time. You can send traffic back to your website by including links to your business website and landing pages in your pins. To assess your progress, you should keep track of leads and referrals generated by Pinterest.

Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips:


  • Your board names should be creative and enticing since they will be shared when you pin something. Since the room for the board names is limited, you should create names that are short.
  • You can tag other users of Pinterest in your pins with the use of “username” in descriptions. Using this feature, you can also network with other vendors or professionals in your photography field. Since few people are doing this, it can be a fantastic way to create a following and also stand out.
  • Keep in mind that variety on Pinterest is key. For that reason, you should avoid pinning from one or two sites and instead use lots of diverse sources for pinning.
  • A good way to engage with other users is to comment on their pins. Of course, you must always use good manners when you comment on other social media sites or blogs.
  • If you pin an image, it is a good idea to add a description below it. Be creative and write a good description since it will remain with an image each time it gets repined in the Pinterest world. Most importantly, if the image is from your business website, you should be sure to use the name of your business in your description.
  • To facilitate the sharing of your post on Pinterest, you should use images in all the posts you write and be sure to optimise them. You should never get lazy about this because if you don’t use an image on your post, nobody will pin it. Remember, the more attractive the picture is; the more pins it will get. Powerful and poignant images appeal best to Pinterest members.
  • A good technique for optimisation of your website content for sharing on Pinterest is the addition of text to your images. Try adding a clear description including the name of your business to an image.
  • Keywords used in your pin descriptions will allow pinners to find your boards and images when doing searches.
  • In order to get your readers to share your blog content on Pinterest, be sure to put a Pin It button on your blog post footer.
  • If you have a WordPress site, you can use a Pinterest widget to feature your recent pins on your WordPress sidebar.
  • Advertise the fact that you are a pinner on your business website by adding a conspicuous Follow Me on Pinterest button to it.


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