Need to Shoot a Fashion Show, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether it’s your first time shooting a fashion show or you’re an industry veteran, there are several ideas that can help you get the most out of your next fashion shoot.

There are some basic principles that we all need to be reminded of from time to time to ensure the best possible results. The desire to participate in a fashion show requires a high-tension, stress-amenable personality that thrives on action and unpredictable situations. If you’re an adventure-seeker, then learning how to shoot an effective fashion show might just be right up your alley.

Fashion Shoot for Beginners

Use Small Memory Cards

If you use a large memory card on your camera, anything can go wrong. It’s best to use small, easily copy able memory cards that can be quickly backed up. Get an assistant to go with you, and use a portable device that can quickly copy the images you take to a larger hard drive. You wouldn’t believe how often photographers lose their data. If you have a backup, you won’t have to worry about losing all your hard-earned photos to an accident. Make sure you have more than one camera too, you don’t have time to take breaks while you change out your memory cards. There is one exception to the rule of using smaller memory cards. If you don’t have more than one camera, it’s better to risk using a larger memory card.


Use a Two-Pocket System

You need to be an athlete when it comes to switching out batteries and memory cards. Practice swapping memory cards and batteries in your spare time, and make sure that when the time comes to do it in a real-life fashion show that the process is second-nature. Wear the same jacket to every show, and use one pocket of your jacket for spent memory cards and the other for new cards. Always use the same pockets for old and new cards, and do the same thing for extra batteries as well. By using the same pockets every time, you will eventually learn to move and replace your components without thinking about it.


Use a Fast Lens

There is no time for a slow lens during photo shoots. You need the fastest lens possible to catch the models in their best states. The faster the lens, the more light you’ll be able to capture in the shot. You’ll also get a shallow field depth, which can help deal with the issue of an overly busy background. Additionally, fast lenses are generally of higher quality, and they will give you a better overall image.


Don’t Waste Time

There is no time to improve your skills during the middle of a shoot. The best time to get set up and review your images is before any of the action begins. Once the show starts, you need to take as many pictures as you can using the best technique you have at that moment. There is no time to review images while the fashion show is in play. You can check a few of your initial images to make sure the lighting is right, but after that you just need to trust that the photos you’re taking are of high quality.


Shoot it RAW

By shooting RAW, you have more options for making changes after the shoot. Lighting can change drastically between moments in a fashion show. What looks good one moment, might not look good the next. Since people don’t always move exactly as you anticipate, it’s important you shoot RAW to provide the most options for making changes to the final product. You’ll also get a higher bit depth when you shoot RAW, which typically gives you a better quality photo.


Take More Than One Shot

Don’t rely on just one photo. You may catch the subject with her eyes closed, or the autofocus system may not have focused properly. Take more than one photo of each subject and take it from as many angles as possible. You’ll want to have several backups of each image just in case. It’s a good idea to attempt to get more than one image for each shot. You’ll be able to sort through the images later when you get home and you have the time available to begin editing.


Do Your Research

You’ll have to ensure that you have the most information possible about the event ahead of time. You’ll want to know as much as possible about the show to plan how many cards you’re going to need for your shoot. While you should always bring extra cards, you can estimate the size of memory card you should bring to ensure you’re not having to change in the middle of an important spot. Get the same size memory cards for the entire show, but choose the smallest card you’ll need to adequately get you through each segment. When a session ends, move on to the next card regardless of whether you have filled the card. Knowing what’s going to happen in advance can help you prepare for the next dress and get in the best position to achieve a phenomenal shoot.


Consider Hiring a Better Lens

If you don’t have the right equipment to take mind-blowing images, then consider renting one. Your first fashion show is especially important. If you don’t get the images right on this first show, you may find it difficult to get hired to do another show. For photographers new to this, you’re only likely to get one chance to make a good impression. You need to have everything possible working in your favour to ensure your end result is taken seriously.


The fashion show is ruthless, and you’ll need to have the right equipment and the right amount of preparation to ensure a successful shoot. Remember what makes your photos different from everyone else at the show. Concentrate on showing what you can do, and lend your personality to each photo you take. A fashion show isn’t just about the models, it’s also about your personal style and how you photograph individuals to ensure you stand out from the crowd.


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