New Studio Filming Locations in London

SHOOTFACTORY’s newest studio filming locations available in London.

Our studios range from singular studios to large studios offering an assortment of facilities on different levels within the same location from, fixed cove, drive-in capabilities, lighting rigs and huge ceiling heights, we have here some of the most advanced studio filming facilities located around London.

We look at five of our latest studios in our portfolio.

Studio Filming Locations



Location: London, NW10

A 1670 sq ft open plan studio with 8m x 8m white infinity cove and drive-in access.

Fresh Studio - Filming Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

The studio has an 11 x 10m levelled floor area for shooting, making it suitable for larger shoots and set builds. The cove comes pre-lit with five Chroma-Q Space Force LED space lights mounted onto the overhead lighting rig. There is single phase power with plenty of outlets including 32amp & 16amp.

The ceiling features acoustic panelling to reduce reverb and acoustics are generally good, however we are not a fully soundproof soundstage.

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Kingsland Six

Location: London, N1

Studio six is a 1200 sq ft space with north facing windows and a kitchen shoot space.

Three phase power and black out options available.

Kingsland Six Studio - Filming Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

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Location: London, E5

The 180 degree full cove benefits from natural daylight that can be manipulated by a system of in-built blackout blinds. Full blackout can be achieved.

Cove Studio - Filming Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

Other features include a black and white reversible floating ceiling, and polyboards. The 180 degree infinity cove makes the studio especially useful for panning video shots as well as stills. The three walls and curved top formas are designed to bounce and radiate soft light where ever needed.

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Kensal Four

Location: London, NW10

Studio 4 is the largest studio, laid out in a L shape, allowing for extra client space and with the option of more than one shooting area.

This studio is hired out as a blank canvas with original floorboards, exposed brickwork, high vaulted ceilings with wooden A-frames. One side of the studio has east and west facing windows and the other has north and west facing windows creating abundant daylight.

Kensal Four Studio - Filming Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

Studio 4 is connected to studio 1 and can be combined for larger shoots.

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