Newly Added Minimalist Shoot Locations in London

Whether you’re a photographer scouting for your next shoot location or a filmmaker wanting the ideal backdrop, our carefully selected minimalist shoot locations promise to bring your creative visions to life.

We showcase five new unique locations that embody the minimalist aesthetic, each providing a distinct perspective of London. These spaces are artfully designed to stimulate creativity, featuring an intriguing blend of contemporary designs and architectural elements.

Our journey begins at Aeroworks, a space that beautifully juxtaposes industrial aesthetics with minimalist design in the heart of London’s NW8. Following that, we traverse to Archives, an attractive London N15 location, exuding character with its pared-back and uncluttered interior. The exploration continues to Chesterton, a stunning W10 location offering abundant natural light amidst its serene, neutral-toned settings.

Next, we unveil the hidden charms of Georgian, located in London’s bustling E1 district. This property pays homage to timeless architecture, with minimalist interiors that celebrate space and tranquillity. Our final stop takes us to Invisible, an E12 location showcasing the best modern design and minimalism with its sleek surfaces and broad, unadorned spaces.

Join us as we navigate through these fascinating spaces, each encapsulating the essence of minimalist design uniquely. Uncover the endless possibilities they offer for your next photo shoot or film project in the heart of London.

Minimalist Shoot Locations


Location: London, NW8

Light-filled modern loft apartment location near Marylebone in a old plane factory.

Aeroworks - Minimalist Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

It has a large open plan living area complete with Bulthaup kitchen and Dinesen flooring as well as a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

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Location: London, N15

Situated on the fourth floor of an impressive former government archives building we’ve created a 1800sq foot purpose built photography studio and creative space. With 4.6m ceiling height throughout, excellent natural light from east facing windows and full blackout option.

Archives - Minimalist Studio Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

Studio 1 equipped with 5.5m x 5.5m floor to ceiling cove and dedicated beauty and styling area. Studios 1 & 2 can be rented as individual studios or as a single unit. Adjoined by a sliding door the two spaces together are designed to accommodate productions that require a private styling, client or fitting area or wish to have multiple shoot spaces working alongside each other.

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Location: London, W10

Minimalist Victorian terrace location house. Painted white throughout.

Chesterton - Minimalist Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

Painting and decorating allowed plus a unique burnt-out attic rooms, which can be hired out separately.

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Location: London, E1

Located in one of the oldest and most famous streets of London. A 5 story location house with 3 floors available for hire, including a long hallway and landing with staircase.

Georgian - Minimalist Location in London - SHOOTFACTORY

The 1st floor includes, dining room and snug living room with double doors separating the rooms and 2 fireplaces. Original panelling and wooden floors throughout.

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Location: London, E12

A very unique location property sitting predominantly underground. The added floor doubles the existing areas and provides an extra bedroom, a large living room, lots of storage and a small gym – an exciting and cost efficient achievement in a dense urban residential context.

Invisible - Minimalist Location in Location - SHOOTFACTORY

The important aspects of daylight and natural ventilation have been addressed with a sunken courtyard, carefully positioned walk-on skylights and an abstract ventilation shaft.

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