On Location with the New Bond Film in London

James Bond, the M16 agent, popularly known as “007” is back on screen with the new 2015 film Spectre.

It is the 24th film in the Eon Productions series that began in 1962. Over the years, Eon has had six actors portraying James Bond. The latest is Daniel Craig, and this will be the fourth time that he appears as the fictional character. Spectre has a budget of more than $300 million, and its release has been set for November 2015. The primary filming location is London, but there are other scenes in Rome, Morocco and Mexico City. Production commenced in December 2014 where the cast flew to Austria to shoot an action scene that featured a Range Rover and a Land Rover at a ski resort in the Solden area.

James Bond Filming in London


London Brought to a Standstill

Filming in the Austrian Alps was wrapped up in February of this year where it was brought back to London causing a standstill in the capital. In 2014, early shooting in London was based around a makeshift set along River Thames and Pinewood Studios. The crew was also spotted in Notting Hill recording other scenes where photos and footage of Daniel Craig looking at co-star Naomie Harris circulated online.

A professional artist maintained Naomie’s stunning look on set. Her blue outfit was also impressive. Following a cyber attack shortly after, a hacking group going by the name “˜Guardians of Peace”™ managed to steal a script from the studio. The producers confirmed the incident that forced them to recruit additional writers to amend the ending of the movie. Initially, the starring lamented that the script was better than what they had last time. Daniel added, “I expect Spectre to be superior to Skyfall.”

Fans of James Bond agree that they are hooked to the film due to the ever-present high-octane action performances. Stunt doubles play this crucial role for the thrill to unfold as expected. Some of the shots on the Thames involved a high-speed chase where Bond was trailing the villains helicopter on a speed boat. The chase took place from Westminster all the way to Vauxhall; the backdrop of the Houses Of Parliament provided a charming effect without a doubt.

The 47-year-old actor was relieved from some of the trickier stunts by his lookalike double. Still, Daniel performed as many stunts as possible to ensure the authenticity of the film. Many enthusiasts were lined on the river banks evidently excited to steal a glance of the star. Public access to some of the bridges was temporarily restricted by crew members who directed pedestrians away from the area to prevent them from getting too close.

James Bond Filming in London 1


City’s Famous Landmarks Scenes for Spectre

In May 2014, filming was taken to central London where several streets were closed including Whitehall, The Mall and Trafalgar Square. Daniel Craig appeared to be in good spirits as the crew lit up the area for the shoot. Other cast members like the new (and oldest ever) Bond girl Lea Seydoux and co-actress Naomie could be seen going over the scenes with the director Sam Mendes.

Stunt drivers were spotted whooshing through with high definition cameras mounted on multiple places on their cars. Every imaginable angle was captured, and nothing was left to chance. Nelson Column was well lit to reveal a magnificent sight. However, the production was strongly opposed by various groups who claimed that the crew might damage the various historical sites with their graffiti.

Interesting Facts About Spectre Teaser Trailer:

SPECTRE is a synonym for (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) which is a fictional global terrorist organization. The teaser trailer for the film was recently released giving fans a minute of what to expect from the upcoming James Bond movie.


From this released footage, the following interesting facts can be established:

1) The Tone is Not Camp But Dark

The scene settings reveal that the tone of the movie will be somber. Nevertheless, there are no clear validations to whether or not Spectre will follow suit of its predecessor, Skyfall. In the 2012 Blockbuster film, several comic characters like Moneypenny were reintroduced. Also, expect Bond to be very busy fighting for survival.

2) Get Ready for Evil Organization Overkill

Eon Production did not own the rights to Spectre during the production of Casino Royale. Well, now it does which means that Sam Mendes may be planning to connect Skyfall to the earlier efforts of Daniel Craig. This might translate to an overload of villains eagerly waiting to dangle Bond to his demise.

3) Mendes Brings Back Bonds Past

In Skyfall, the audience discovers that Bond was left as an orphan at a tender age after the death of both his parents. In Spectre’s teaser, co-star Naomie finds some interesting personal effects belonging to Bond from his childhood. It seems that Mendes is keen on connecting the secret agents sad past to his present.

4) Spectre Might be Impersonating a Religious Camouflage

This film has been shot in different locations. But the scenes in Rome where Bond is looking for a religious building suggest that the evil organization might be another reincarnation of the Da Vinci Code. And Monica Belluci can also be spotted at an elegant church for a funeral service.

Die-hard fans can bet that the clerical apparel is hiding weapons that may be revealed as soon as Bond appears on the scene.


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