Photograph your Home Like a Professional Photographer

If you’ve ever looked at a photo online and wondered why your own shots never quite seem to be as good, we have your answer.

The truth is, experienced and skilled photographers don’t just whip out their cameras and expect picture-perfect photos. There’s a lot of work that goes into taking beautiful pictures of a home, inside and out and employing those techniques will improve photos of your own home.

Photograph your Home Like a Professional Photographer - Shootfactory

Lighten It Up

You probably realise that photos of your apartment will look better when you have plenty of natural light, so pull aside the drapes. If you’re lacking this type of light, turn on your artificial lighting. If you’re like many people, you might automatically leave flash on, but this can actually be detrimental to your photos because the edges of your shot will only go to show just how dark the room is. So, turn off the flash if you’re inside and dealing with insufficient light. On the other hand, you might improve an exterior photo by turning the flash on.

Take Time to Tidy

Nothing will ruin an otherwise perfect photo as quickly as clutter on the shelves or trash on the floor. Take the time to remove items that might make your home seem messy. If you’re trying to sell, remember to make it look comfortable but not personal. Remove items like photos of your family to allow potential buyers to see how they can fit into the space.

What to Add

When all the knick-knacks are put away, your pictures might come off a little bland. The perfect thing to add a little personality and warmth to your photos might just be a member of your very own family, including the family pet! Although it can be difficult to work with rambunctious children and animals, when you can get them to stay still, your photo set might feel just a little more complete than without the real-life props. When it comes to space, especially when you’re talking about interiors, showing the type of space and how rooms flow can be a challenge. If you’re working without a wide angle lens, step back to get more into the shot. However, adding a wide angle lens to your camera makes it that much easier to capture more of the room with ease and without backing yourself into a corner.

Angling for Details

One skill that you’ll developer as a photographer is angles. What’s the focus of your photo? How can you portray it? Sometimes the answer to that question isn’t to take a head-on photo. Instead, get up close and play with angles to show viewers those details that make your house stunning. Texture, for example, becomes more apparent when you zoom in. In fact, you might be surprised at how interesting your apartment really is when you look at it close up rather than from your normal point of view.

Remember to dust those surfaces and run a lint roller of your fabrics before pressing your finger on the shutter. If you struggle with angles, remember the rule of thirds. Imagine cutting your photos into 9 same-size squares with four lines. Place the focus of your picture at an intersection between the lines to create a more interesting shot. Don’t let frustrating stop you from taking photographs of the place you live and love. As you’re honing your skills, take more photos than you think you’ll need to get that one unforgettable shot. Practice makes perfect, as they say.


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