Popular filming locations in London and Stunning private filming locations

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The skyline of London features in many television programmes and films and is widely recognised the world over. There are numerous landmarks and forms of architecture to draw the eye of filmmakers, advertisers and TV producers and nearly endless filming opportunities to present a certain mood or feeling. The most popular filming locations, and their requirements, are explained below.


Popular filming locations in London

Filming on Street London streets can provide a dramatic backdrop to any production. In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain permission from the Borough Film Service in a particular location. While filming on the street is free of charge, the BFS may assess a fee and Council charges may apply.

London filming location


Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace has served as the London home of the royal family since the early 19th century and is the primary residence of the Queen. While filming is largely restricted, the privilege is usually granted to documentary projects. Interested parties should enquire as far ahead of time as possible.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben Big Ben is the 320-foot clock tower that can seen at the northwestern side of the Houses of Parliament. The bell inside was created in the year 1858 and remains one of the biggest ever cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry. The official name for Big Ben is Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, which remains one of the most iconic landmarks in London.

London houses of parliament filming location


Bridges of London While London Bridge itself has existed in one form or another for two millennia, the Tower Bridge is also quite well known due to its proximity to the Tower of London. Filming on the Tower Bridge is overseen by the City of London, with other bridges controlled by the Traffic Authority.

Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus is the point at which five large, busy streets come to a culmination point. Its distinctive facades and bright advertising displays make it one of the city’s most recognisable locations. The name is derived from the word “piccadil”, which was a popular 17th century collar type, with the word “circus” describing the large roundabout that links the streets together. Permission to film at this location requires a Filming Application form and a request to the Special Events and Filming team in Westminster.

london picadilly circus filming location


London Transport London’s transportation system offers many unique filming opportunities. The Underground, or tube, as it is locally known, has several stations that allow for extended filming, including Charing Cross, Earl’s Court and Aldwych. The different railways and the airport have their own governing bodies that must be contacted about filming. Transport for London should be contacted in regards to filming on certain roads that may carry restrictions.

River Thames Any filming done on the River Thames between Teddington Lock and the ocean requires licence and permission from the Port of London Authority. Boats require the presence of a Thames Waterman and fees will be assessed regardless if the film crew is on land.

Royal Parks London’s royal parks, which include St. James, Hyde, Kensington Gardens, The Regents and the Green Park among others, are colourful and easily accessible filming locations. Royal Parks are supportive of film projects and offer unrestricted access as long it done in a respectful manner. Fees are dependent on the size of the crew and the amount of public disruption the production will incur.

London royal parks filming locations


London Eye The London Eye has graced the city’s skyline for 13 years. It is the world’s most sizeable observation wheel, standing at 135 metres in height and weighing in at 2,100 tonnes. Its 32 capsules are enclosed glass, and it take one half-hour to complete a turn. The site is closed at Christmas and in the month of January for maintenance reasons. While the London Eye is very film-friendly, permission is required from its press office. London is a bustling, modern city filled with many wonders. There is something to catch the eye of every filmmaker.

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