Top Tips for Venue Hire in London

SHOOTFACTORY london location company offers venue hire in London and a varied selection of venues for that make a perfect location for your event.

We’ve put a lot of thought into best practice for hiring an events venue. Every single occasion is unique, of course, but there are a few points that we think are key to each and every venue booking. Have a browse before booking your next London venue.

Location of your event in London

Location, location and location! Never underestimate the importance of location. It doesn’t matter what sort of event it is, always keep your visitors and guests in mind when it comes to selecting a London venue. Ask yourself, where are they coming from and how will they get there? You may think you have picked the perfect location for your event, but have you considered factors such as accessibility once your guests have arrived? Is the venue wheelchair-friendly? If you are using a venue for a wedding ceremony, is there the possibility that guests and members of the wedding party could bump into each other on the way in? Consider your date of your event in London. Providing a London venue with a date can assist you in establishing costs from the location (a number of locations we list for instance have different costs for different days of the week). If you are particularly keen on one venue in London, it can help giving them a range of dates (and perhaps ranking them by order of preference), so you can secure the venue location first and foremost.

Size of the location venue

Hosts and organisers can often get carried away with the size of a venue. In their effort to provide a glitzy affair, many clients book venues in London that are simply too big. If you have a guest-list numbering no more than 50, why not opt for a more intimate London venue? Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to selecting the most appropriate venue for your event. Having a clear idea of your theme will give you a clearer idea of the type of venue in London you may need.

Top Tips for Venue Hire in London - Shootfactory

Venue amenities

The venue is booked and sorted, the invitations have been sent out, your entertainment is arranged but you’ve forgotten to consider one crucial element: the amenities provided at your London venue. While many venues available for location hire include basic facilities that accommodate most of your needs, it is possible to be caught out if you’re not careful. For example, does that big projector screen come with a DVD player? How about parking? In a city like London, you’ll definitely want to have that last one sorted!

Think of the specific attributes the venue will need to have. Depending on the size of the event it can be worthwhile splitting these into compulsory requirements and ‘nice to haves’. Examples of attributes could be close to a particular location (e.g. your office), accessibility for wheelchair users, whether the venue has air conditioning, whether the venue has outside space (which may be important for a summer event). Importantly, draft up this list before you start sourcing.

Cost of venue hire

It might seem like an obvious tip but there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of hiring a venue in London. Balance is the aim here: you want to host an event that meets its key objectives but doesn’t exceed your financial means. Work out a strict budget and don’t overspend on a venue if it is going to curtail your other expenses. Does the London venue have a flat rate, weekend rate or hourly rate? Will I need to allocate further monies for use of a venue’s facilities? These are just some of the important questions you will need to ask when sorting out the cost of an event hire space.

Do your London Venue research

While it is advisable to visit a London venue before making your booking, it is also a good idea to look at some of the previous events that have been hosted at the event location. This will give you a good indicator of the venue’s potential. Leave no stone unturned in your preparation for/research of a London venue and you are well on your way to hosting a truly memorable and successful event in London.


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