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Photographic Studios with Infinity Cove or Curve

SHOOTFACTORY offers a range of Photographic Studios in London that offer an infinity cove / curve in various sizes suitable for stills, set design to drive in / on coves.

The defining feature of an infinity curve is a lack of angles. Since an infinity curve doesn’t have any corners, shadows don’t gather in the background. The end result is a finished image where the subject appears to have been placed on plain white paper or a blank canvas. This sense that the background simply continues on forever in all directions is what gives rise to the term “infinity curve.”

While many photographers get along fine with white backdrops and smaller lighting boxes, an infinity curve allows a shooter to scale up and zoom out. This distinct perspective, when coupled with the infinity curves stunning appearance, produce outstanding results.

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    Our dedicated team of location agents are ready and available to assist in your search for the perfect location for your shoot / film project. Let us know your requirements and we will pre-select some highlighted properties that may be suitable. SHOOTFACTORY is here to assist in all aspects of your on-location shoot and is quite knowledgeable and well experienced in the industry.

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