Contemporary Photographers and Endorsement Possibilities

Every professional photographer strives to make sure each of their photographs tells a story. This is true of those photographers that coordinate live models, fashions and objects into a designer tableau.

Photography Location

Displaying your work

While all photographers take pride in their work, making a living as an independent photographer is tricky. Unfortunately, the economic waters that a photographer must tread is treacherous indeed. Current clients can take their accounts elsewhere to suit their needs. New customers are out there, but finding them takes a great deal of initiative, creativity and financial resources. In the past, purveyors of the visual arts had to rely on finding clients primarily in their own jurisdiction. To find a group of admirers, a photographer was lucky to display their photos in private and municipal exhibits. Depending upon where one lived, there could be professional gallery owners willing to launch a show. Working out of the London metropolitan area, that might have been sufficient. Meanwhile a photographer who lived and worked in an outlying suburb or rural area would find them selves at a distinct disadvantage.

Finding new clients in a worldwide economy

Over the last two decades, the  Web has changed the face of promotional activities. Artists, photographers, authors and performers of all varieties have been given a global stage in which to display their work. This presents strategic advantages for self employed artists, as it allows one’s clientele to be situated in another geographical location hundreds of miles away or in another country entirely. In a new global sharing economy, working with clients several continents away is not unheard of.

Begin with a professional website

Initially, all working photographers should have a website dedicated to their work. This website needs to be created by a professional web developer who has a considerable range of skills. Each photograph needs to be mounted within this website as if it was being shown in a top museum or art gallery. Written content needs to be compelling, as the background and skill of the photographer must be verbally extolled as well. Black and white photos, as well as full colour photography must literally pop before the viewer. Anyone interested in purchasing a photograph or hiring the photographer for a commercial assignment needs to be able to make contact through the website in a timely manner.

photography website

Responsive web design is key

In addition, this website needs to be designed using what is known as “responsive web design.” This allows a viewer to enjoy each photograph and every line of web content on whatever mobile device they may be utilizing at the moment. Every item of visual media must be designed to not cut off or be distorted. This is important, because one’s next paying customer may discover your brilliance as a photographer whilst looking on their own smart-phone or the small screen of their mobile tablet.

Networking and Links

After a visually stunning website has been added to the Internet, it is necessary to make sure it links to several popular social media networks. This endeavor imparts a marketing strategy that can lead to increased profitability for any entrepreneur. Build connections on social platforms to enhance your reputation and sharing of your work.

Social media

Social Media is crucial

Adding positively to this scenario, is the proliferation of “Social Media” websites on the web. Visitors and fans of a photographer who follow one’s social media entries are likewise invited to “click” to be immediately transferred to their personal website. Corporate sponsors looking to brand their own corporate identities therefore have a chance to see various samples of past work. These can be downloaded to an online program on a regular basis, or placed online periodically as projects appear on the horizon. There are several major social media platforms to choose from, but remember that these websites are always evolving on their own.


As a photographer, putting together a Facebook page dedicated to your work is a necessity. The global realm of Facebook has experienced incredible growth since its collegiate inception in 2004. A simple Facebook page devoted to your business is one way to reach viewers from around the world. It allows you to cross-reference your website for increased web traffic. Photographers may also offer discounts or coupons for clients in their local area.


The ability to spontaneously post photographs and make them go viral is one of the primary incentives to opening an account on Twitter. What makes Twitter a darling of the social media set, is the use of “hash-tags” alongside photographs to both label and describe their contents. This makes them easier to share with others using this website while on their computer or mobile device. This platform also allows users a reason to “follow” a certain photographer or personality on a continual basis.


Establishing an active account on Instagram is something that both professional and amateur photographers should do as soon as possible. The advantage of an Instagram account is the fact that fewer photographers currently use this website, as compared to Twitter or Facebook. This lack of competition will definitely work to your advantage. Instagram has been found to be an excellent medium to market to younger consumers. It is accessed via an “app”ù available on smart-phones and mobile devices. Major brands regularly increase sales to consumers under 30 years of age using Instagram. They find that placing stylish photographic displays of new products yields significant results. Placing your own photographs onto Instagram is one way to draw attention to your creativity and capabilities.

Take Chances

Independent photographers who showcase on Social Media find it both encouraging and highly economical. All it takes is an openness to explore what each of these websites has to offer. After all, each of these online platforms is truly a gallery for the world to see your best photographic work without leaving home.


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