Easy Photography Tips Everyone Can Apply

Now that cameras have gone digital, it seems like every person is a budding photographer. However, there is a huge difference between a photograph and a snapshot.

At the same time, many are wondering about how to take a good photograph. Fortunately, it is very simple. All people need to know is a few techniques and tips that they can put to use immediately. What is good about learning these techniques is that people will not need a fine arts degree to take an amazing photograph. They are only required to know some simple rules.

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Easy Photography Tips

1. Always Know the Angles

When taking a picture, people should make sure that their camera is at least even with the subject. It is even better to position their camera a touch higher than the subject. This will often create a flattering angle. If their camera is positioned too low, their subject is more likely to angle their head down a bit. This causes the dreaded double chin. Additionally, shooting at a slightly higher angle makes the subject look softer and younger in addition to opening up their eyes. It is almost like a tiny, imaginary face lift.

2. Dusk and Dawn, A Photographers Friend

The best times of day for a person to take pretty outdoor shots are early in the evening and in the early morning. Their pictures may look a little intense when the sun is bearing down in the middle of the day. The light is often at its best at dawn or right before dusk, and the pictures will come to life with just the correct amount of light.

3. Always Watch the Sun

People should always remember not to shoot a picture with the sun directly in front of their subject. This will often make them squint. At the same time, a huge blast of light will likely wash them out. A photographer should position their subject with the sun either to the side or behind them. They may also need to utilise a fill flash to achieve good lighting on the subjects face.

4. Try Learning the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is considered one of the most important and basic photographic techniques. This principle has to do with creating a natural flow and balance to an image. When taking a picture, people should imagine drawing a grid on their viewfinder. They should imagine a couple of vertical lines that break their picture into three equal sections. A person should then make those lines horizontal. What they end up with is like a simple tic-tac-toe board. The areas where the line intersect are the locations where they should try to position their subject. Even though it may seem normal for starters to want to place their subject right at the centre of the frame, this often contradicts how the human eye naturally views an image. Utilising the rule of thirds effectively follows the natural tendencies of an individuals eyes as they look at an image. Aside from that, it is an easy and smart way to get a good shot all the time.

5. Always Get Close

Do not be afraid to zoom in tight on a subject. Closer is often much better. People should fill the frame with their image while trying to avoid any sort of dead space. This will ultimately give their photo more impact. In order to zoom in really tight, they should use their cameras macro setting for super close-up pictures. In a lot of cameras, this feature can be accessed through the use of an icon that looks similar to a flower.

6. Try Catching the Subject Off Guard

A lot of photographers spend too much of their time arranging and composing shots. People should always remember that life is a collection of moments and not images. Some of the best pictures that a person can take are candid, spontaneous shots. To do this, they should wait until their subject is not paying adequate attention and catch a moment that is unstaged.


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