Photography Exhibitions in London this Summer

Whether you’re a photo expert or maybe just interested in learning more about the art, there are countless exhibitions in London for you to explore.

Brighten up your summer by paying a visit to any of the following galleries;

Photography Exhibitions in London this Summer - Shootfactory

Photography Exhibitions in London


Lizzie Sadin-The 18th Edition of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award

May 15-June 15


Lizzie Sadin explores the politics surrounding women from Nepal, specifically since the 2015 earthquake. The earthquake killed thousands of people and displaced many more, leaving the country in ruins. Human trafficking has been on the rise ever since.

Sadin used photography to illustrate the struggles of the country. She received the Carmignac Photojournalism award, which was established in 2009 to recognize investigative photography that focused on human rights violations. Sadin revolutionized the public’s understanding of the human trafficking crisis and a better understanding of third world condiitons after a tragedy. Her work has been crucial in efforts for change as she tells the stories of those who cannot tell their own.

Come see Sadin’s research and final products and learn more about the epidemic that is human trafficking.

Jacques-Henri Latrigue

May 31- July 28

Michael Hoppen Gallery

The Latrigue exhibition is timeless and elegant photo collection. Latrigue had a unique ability to showcase the joy in the subjects that he shot. Many of his photos have not been seen until now. This exhibition explores the latter part of his career and the photos he shot around this time.

Jacques-Henri Latrigue was a French painter and photographer. Much of his work focused on planes, cars, and parisan models.

Palm* Photo Prize Opening Night

May 10-June 3

House of Vans London

Over 120 photographs will be displayed at the House of Vans London. The exhibition is part of the Palm Photo Prize exhibition. The competition is open to photographers around the world. Admission is free and the winner will be announced June 4th.

Palm is a local publisher that strives to feature photographers and artists through galleries, exhibitions, books, and events. Come see a collection of artists and help support young talent.

Under Cover: A Secret History Of Cross-Dressers

February 23- June 3

The Photographers Gallery

This collection of photos, some dating back all the way to 1880, is a ragtag bunch collected from all over the world depicting gender non-conformity and cross-dressing.

Different styles and attitudes of the cross-dressing culture are evident through the progression of these photographs.

Cross-dressing has been seen in all genders, races, classes, and walks of life throughout the years. Fighting against social stigmas, taboos, and hate, the cross-dressing culture has experienced many hardships on their journey to express themselves. This exhibit showcases their bravery and struggles, and the revolution that they began.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Carmel By the Green

April 12-June 4

What goes up must come down refers to mental illness and the emotional highs that are followed by deep emotional suffering. The exhibition explores the struggles and subtleties of dealing with mental illness. It features artists such as Dryden Roesch, Marie Smith, and Jocelyn Yan.

For many years and through many different platforms, mental illness has been romanticised. In reality, there is nothing romantic or glamorous about struggling with mental health. “What Goes Up Must Come Down” is an omage to those who have struggled and are struggling with mental illness and who team up their struggles with art. Come explore the connection between madness and creation at What Goes Up Must Come Down.

Foam Talent

May 16-June 10

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm

The Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall presents Foam Talent. Foam Talent is an international sensation of photography from artists all under the age of 35. The artists have been selected for the innovative uses of new approaches and mediums.

Foam Talent is an annual competition, and photographers from all over the world are invited to participate. The goal of Foam is to devote time and resources to up and coming photographers. Discovering, identifying, and fostering new talent is their long-term goal.

Shape of Light: 100 years of Photography & Abstract Art

Now-October 14

Tate Modern

Tate Modern presents Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art. This exhibition features over 300 works from 150 artists. Shape of Light focuses on moments and achievements that shaped modern-day photography. It bridges the gap between classic and iconic old school photographers and newer talent, exploring the journey of the industry. It combines photography along with sculptures and paintings alike, showing a well-rounded picture of the evolution of art through the years.

No matter what level your talent or interest in photography or art in general, there are galleries and exhibitions for you this summer for you. Check out your local art galleries and look online for new presentations. Wherever you go and whichever artists you explore, adding art to your life will give you a happier and more beautiful summer.


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