Photography Trends from the Past Year

Just like with everything else in the past year, there have definitely been some changes when it comes to photography.

It’s no surprise that technological advancements have made certain features more sought after than ever, but there are also some great artistic trends that have recently emerged “or reemerged” that have given photography a new life. Here are some of the best photography trends of the last year.

Photography Trends

1. Devices other than cameras

Think about the last time you asked someone to see photos of their kids, pets, etc. Did they pull out a nicely bound photo album or did they pull out their phone? Chances are that it was the latter. Today just about every phone, computer, and tablet has a camera built into it. Photos are taken on these devices and then uploaded to Facebook or Instagram almost immediately. Phone and tablet cameras aren’t going to take the same quality of photo that you’ll get from a real camera, but they sure are convenient.

2. Point-and-Shoot DSLRs

Speaking of convenience, these new user friendly DSLR cameras are going to be your new best friend. DSLR cameras are the best cameras for clarity and image quality, but the more traditional models usually take forever to learn how to use. Now the convenience of point-and-shoot is coupled with the excellence of DSLR, meaning a frame-worthy family portrait is quite literally just a click away.

3. Zoom Zoom!

Ever needed to get a good shot of something, but can’t seem to get physically close enough? Not anymore! The super zoom will allow you to take a great picture without leaving your group. It also eliminates the need to carry around twenty different lenses and accessories to get the shot you want. Clarity, simplicity, and closeness in one easy feature.

4. Black and White

For a while we couldn’t get enough of those bright colours and fun features that came along with new and improved photography, but in the last year, photographers have been rediscovering the beauty of black and white photos. Cutting out the colour can help your eye focus on the artistry of the shot rather than the chaos of the surroundings. Black and white also helps remind us of simpler times and feel something sentimental or graceful when we look at the photograph. Sepia tones have also been more popular.

5. Reflections and Windows

Especially popular among the photographic storyteller, taking photos of reflections or from a through-the-window perspective gives an image a new life and a very different meaning from a straightforward shot. In these images, perspective is everything. This artistic technique can really set a photographer apart. Just like in life, these photos truly show us that perspective can change everything.

6. Journalistic Style

Photographers have been leaning more toward a journalistic style of photography rather than the classic portrait. Even wedding and family photography has had a more candid feel this past year than before. People want action shots and natural images instead of posed and perfected styles. The journalistic style can often reveal more about the subject than a normal portrait pose.

7. It’s all about Shutter Speed

We are moving faster than ever before, so we have to be able to capture the moments. Shutter speed is essential to getting clear action shots like the runner breaking through the finish line or a toddler learning to run. Now that we are moving away from the posed portrait concept, we need to be quick to get those motion shots. A camera with the best shutter speed is essential.

8. Built in WiFi

In order to compete with the easy click to post technology of smartphones and tablets, digital cameras are now equipped with WiFi. WiFi makes it possible for the photographer to capture a great shot with their state-of-the-art digital camera and then post it on Instagram in a matter of seconds. What could be better than that?

9. Photoshop Less is More

While Photoshop technology isn’t going away anytime soon, if ever, it is becoming more popular to minimise changes. With all the recent campaigns like Dove’s Real Beauty and Colbie Caillait’s new hit song Try, women in particular are wanting to see photos featuring themselves as they are and not as different as Photoshop can make them. Still, most aren’t above smoothing out a line or two, but many are requesting that their arms and legs not be made to look like pencils.

10. Digital Video

Very few people are investing in a video camera because, thanks to some new advancements, digital cameras are giving us the same great quality that we could expect from video equipment. Now we have the capability to have the best of both worlds. From one camera, you can get great portraits of your one year old while also capturing their first steps on video.


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