Property Interior Design Trends for 2018

2018 property interior design trends are set to be full of wonderful ideas that you can bring into your home. Bold colours and new neutrals are printed in geometric designs. Unconventional places are used as the focal points for rooms. Natural materials are used to make rooms feel inviting, and trends from the past are revived. So here are some of the general trends that you’ll likely see in 2018.

Upcoming Interior Design Trends in 2018


All-white is out. In many rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where we like a sanitized look, white is classic. The monochromatic look, however, has run it’s course for the time being, and people are opting for more bold and unique looks. So, with that in mind, what exactly are some of the colours that we’ll see in 2018? The colours will be much bolder than white, definitely. And there is also more room or new neutrals that are slightly bolder than white and tan.

Although all-white and neutral decor is still in demand as a shoot location.

All White and Neutral Trends in Interior Design - SHOOTFACTORY


Colours are expected to be bright and bold. Think of a combination of bright colours such as peacock blue and cactus green with slightly browner, but still saturated and bright colours, such as burnt orange.


For several years, neutrals in monochromes were popular. Beyond all-white kitchens, some people were also choosing all-grey. The problem with using all or mostly grey as your colour scheme is that it can feel very drab. Tans, whites, and greys are classic neutrals, but the neutrals of 2018 will have hints of other colours and be just a little more bold. The slightly muted green colour, sage, is bold for a neutral, but in contrast to the bright colours of 2018, will work as a neutral.


Metallic colours are crossing over from gold and rose cold to a more industrial look such as brass and nickel. They will also have less of a shine, adding a more organic, less polished look.

Use of Metal in Interior Design Trends - SHOOTFACTORY

Textures and Patterns

Textures will play a role in design during 2018, featuring leather and velvet. Patterns, as well, will play a role, but the patterns will veer away from literal representations of classic subjects used in décor, such as flora and fauna. Instead, they will be more abstract and figurative.


Leather and velvet will warm environments such as bedrooms and living rooms. Leather upholstered headboards and statement pieces of furniture will be used.


Geometric patterns are one style of pattern that will have a heavy influence on interior spaces. Also, in the past, literal representations of flora and fauna have been used in interior design. In 2018, the literal will be replaced with patterns that vaguely invoke floral patterns, but are much more abstract.

Unconventional Focal Points

Generally speaking, walls or a piece of furniture or art are used as a focal point of a room. There was even a short-lived trend of painting one wall a contrasting colour from all the other walls. In 2018, one of the focal points will be the ceiling. Another focal point will be in the exterior space of a door.


Hanging copper pots on the ceiling of a kitchen has been around for years, but using the ceiling as a focal point is still an unconventional focal point. This trend will be expressed through several different mediums. For instance, in rooms with moderately high ceilings, decorators can hang objects such as baskets. But there are other ways that the ceiling can become the focal point of a room. By leaving walls blank, the ceiling becomes prime territory as a focal point. People can wallpaper, tile, or paint the ceiling to create the focal point.

Ceilings as Focal Points interior Design Trend - SHOOTFACTORY


Admittedly, front doors have always been an ideal place for a focal point to the front of the house. The trend has been around for a while, and it’s on the rise. Front doors in bold and bright colours draw the eye, and mats and other décor invite people inside.

Trend That is Returning

In design, many trends go in and out of style over the decades. Terrazzo, a type of marble stone with multi-coloured geometric shapes against a white background, was popular in the 1970’s, fell away for a few decades, and is now popular again in 2018.


The types of materials that are used can have a large impact on the interior design of the space. Oftentimes, some materials are not easily replaced, but in 2018 many materials can be swapped out slowly.

Wood and Stone

As a means of bringing in the natural, materials such as stone and wood are used. These materials are used quite often in interior design, but you can also expect to see more dark hues in the wood. The white-washed wood look has been on trend in the past, but the warmth of darker tones is becoming more popular.

Mixed Materials in Interior Design Trends - SHOOTFACTORY

Mixed Metals

Rose gold metals was a trend, but it’s on its way out. Mixed metals is acceptable. It’s also on trend to have metals that look they are lived in. High-polish is out, and a more inviting and natural look to metals is in.

Other Decor


There are numerous other types of décor that will be trending in a slightly different way. For instance, plants are always in style as a way to bring the life of nature into the indoors. This year, people will still use plants as part of their décor, but they will have patterns. For instance, more plants will have multiple colours in their leaves, such as green with white veins, rather than just green.

Vintage Pieces

With all of the bold colours that are trending in 2018, many vintage pieces will fit in perfectly. Also, with all of the online places to shop such as Etsy and eBay, there are numerous places to find to find vintage pieces. Just put in a little bit of research, and decorators will know which pieces will suit a space.

Comfortable Furniture

People are less interested in stiff arms on chairs with stiff cushions. Instead, they are interested in feeling comfortable, and they want their interior furniture to make them feel the way that they would like to feel rather than be something that is aimed at impressing guests.

Woven Pieces

Natural is one design element that is in. With this on trend, woven materials are also being incorporated into 2018 design. Woven baskets is one way that this material can be incorporated. Bare walls are also not in for 2018, so woven wall art is another element that can be incorporated into interior design.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

Alright, this is something that people have always wanted, but there is increasing interest in the spa bathroom for 2018. What should you expect in a spa bathroom? The colours that are on trend in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are not necessarily the same that will be appreciated in the bathroom. Whereas other areas of the home are embracing vibrant colours in rich textures and patterns, bathrooms that are intended to have a spa-like quality will have all one colour tiles and earthy tones. They will also have other amenities to make more of a spa experience.

Bathroom Colour Choices

The bathroom, especially if meant to have a spa-like feel to it, is one area in which it is on trend to have monochromatic features. Earthy colours in a couple of different shades create a spa-like feel.

Monochrome Bathroom Interior Design Trends - SHOOTFACTORY


Vessel sinks have been on the rise for the last several years, but, especially for spa-like bathrooms, stone vessel sinks add an earthy, natural feel that is perfect for a retreat.

Metal Frames for showers have also been moving up in popularity for the last couple of years. The metal with the glass makes the shower look like a window. It also supports the spa-like feel by making things feel open. It also falls into the minimalist style that spas are often known for.

Ceramics Made to Look Like Other Materials

Finding ways to make ceramic look like materials such as slate, marble, granite, or wood grain is one way that people use to bring a high-end look to their bathrooms. These materials are often used on sink counter tops or certain parts of the shower.

Trends can come in and out, but they can also be eclectic. 2018 is going to be a year of varying patterns, bright and bold colours mixed with unconventional neutrals and focal points. Many different patterns, textures, and materials are coming together in 2018 to create living spaces that are much more vibrant than the greys, beiges, and whites of the past few years. Ultimately, interior design in 2018 is sure to be anything but boring, and it will add a vibrant update to years past.


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