White and Black Interior Trends

The black and white is a trending style in today’s interior design world. This monochromatic concept is versatile and transitional and will add a splash of sophistication to any room.

While some may view this colour scheme as dull or unexciting there are many ways to incorporate texture and patterns into the room to spice it up despite the neutral colouring. If you are considering an interior makeover or simply wanting to change up a single room there are a few basics you will want to remember when shooting for this classy monochromatic décor idea.

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Use Occasional Brown Wood Pieces

Traditional fashion rules suggest that brown and black should not be paired, however, when it comes to interior design, that myth is busted. Adding a brown counter space, piece of furniture, or various accessories to the room creates some great contrast. This contrast allows the brown woodwork to stand out looking more unique and expensive without the actual cost of top-end furniture. Adding an element of brown to a black and white focused room also helps elevate the room making it appear more spacious.

Incorporate Translucent Pieces

Adding glass, mirrored, or lucid pieces to a black and white room creates a glamorous effect in your space and also makes the room appear larger. Having an all-black room can appear suffocating if you don’t strategically position these unique pieces throughout the room.

You might be wondering what exactly constitutes a translucent piece. Items such as large mirrors, metallic frames, and acrylic furniture create lightness in your otherwise dark space. Placing a large mirror along a wall creates this illusion best and is a unique spin on wall art. You can also try to incorporate acrylic furniture like accent tables or chairs against a couch. These pieces are great for small spaces because they visually take up less space and create relief for the eye.

Add a Splash of Colour

Although on the surface it appears contradictory, incorporating an accent colour in your mostly black and white room is a great way to add some flair to any space and will enhance the look of your room. You can get creative with how you integrate your colouring. Some designers recommend having one focal piece of furniture in your accent colour. Other designers prefer you keep your furniture in the neutral tones and sprinkle your accent colour throughout the room using unique accessories.

You will want to be strategic about the placement and frequency of your accent colours as you don’t’ want to deviate too much from your black and white scheme. If choosing to sprinkle your accent colour you’ll want to limit your frequency to two or three accessories like a vase, throw blanket, or art piece. You will also want to be tactical about your choice of colour. Fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, and lime are all bold accent colours to consider but you will want to carefully consider your desired look before settling on a colour.


Adding texture is a critical element of design for any room. Adding texture, especially to a black and white room will make it feel more cozy and luxurious and will be more pleasing to the eye as it creates more flow. Keeping your room too streamlined without the addition of texture can make your room feel sterile and untouchable.

So what exactly is meant by texture? Texture can best be defined as the surface characteristics of a material. Texture can be experienced in many ways including the actual touch or feel of an object or the illusion of touch. When incorporating texture into your space you should consider adding elements such as a shaggy rug, a throw pillow with beading or other detail or a piece of art with a three-dimensional aspect. These accessories will create a nice balance for your room and will be appealing to the eye.

Include a Variety of Patterns

Patterns create an interesting visual landscape for any room. Regardless of what design concept you’re going for, incorporating patterns of varying sizes is a great design technique and should be utilized especially in a monochromatic room. Fluctuating the size and style of the patterns is an important technique for keeping your room looking alive and professionally done.

Patterns should be incorporated through accessories and art. Patterned throw pillows or a quilt are a great addition to a bedroom or family room setting. A uniquely patterned rug combined with a pretty vase could make a bold statement in a library or home office space. Regardless of which room in your home you’re looking to convert, make sure you have fun picking out pattered pieces for display.

Jazz Up a Wall Space

Sometimes, with the black and white trend, all you need is a little spice on the wall. There are lots of ways to create drama in your room and make one wall the focal point.

Although the traditional idea of wallpaper in a home seems antiquated, there are definitely some options that serve as a modern twist to this age-old interior strategy. You will want to be strategic in your wallpaper selection to avoid the outdated look. Bold black and white stripes are sure to make a statement and create some drama in your space. As you sort through options, you will need to be careful that your paper selection does not clash with other prints you incorporate into the room.

Another idea is to invest in chalk paint and dedicate one wall of the room to this idea. Although not appropriate for a more formal room, this is a great idea for a home office or nursery and definitely jives with the black and white theme.

Invest in Black & White Photos

Black and white photos are classy and traditional. Every room in your home could use a little art and personal touch. Enlarging and developing some of your photos in black and white would be a great addition to your interior design strategy. You can then get the photos matted and framed in bold black or metallic casings to compliment your colour scheme. Adding a photo collage on a wall in your room will also create height and will give the illusion of a larger space while adding a more personal element.

These are just a few of the many simple design tricks that help you pull off the black and white room you’ve always dreamed of having. These interior trends are timeless and can be executed in any space. In addition, these strategies are low cost, low maintenance and require very minimal renovation. So next time you’re looking to spice up a room in your home, consider a splash of black and white!

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