All White Photography Studios

Technically “all white” photography studios are not quite all white as there is normally some part of the studio that has some other colour other then white.

Our “near” all white photography studios range from singular studios to large studios offering an assortment of facilities on different levels within the same location. Each photographic studio has its own unique qualities and our location managers will be able to suggest properties that fit your exact criteria, size, lighting, backdrops, west facing, south facing.

White Photographic Studios

Kemble Studio

Location: London, SE23

Kemble - All White Studio in London - SHOOTFACTORY

A warehouse photography studio in Forest Hill, South East London. It has a beautiful, fully equipped kitchen, with Smeg double range cooker and Smeg fridge, plus an induction hob on a large island. It measures 700 square feet with a wall of first floor north-facing daylight windows.

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Lemon Studio Two

Location: London, SE27

Lemon-Studio-Two-SE26 All White Photographic Studio - Shootfactory

First floor daylight loft style studio, with an abundance of natural daylight. Flat white walls, & old school floorboards painted white. 1,400sq ft.

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White Studio

Location: London, N16

White-Studio-N16 All White Photography Studio - Shootfactory

The warehouse space is located on the top floor of an old print factory, with high ceilings, white exposed brick walls and concrete floors. It is fitted out with a wall kitchen, a kitchen island, a work station and coffee area.

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Location: London, SW20

Tucker-SW20 All White Photography Studio- Shootfactory

The interior is just over 3800 sq. ft, 3000 sq. ft. of which is clean, white space situated under a vaulted ceiling flooded with natural light. This space has a painted soft light grey concrete floor.

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Haggerston Studio 2

Location: London, E8

Haggerston Studio All White Photography Studio - Shootfactory

Stunning first floor daylight studio with plenty of natural light from the north and south facing windows also with the option of full blackout. Complete with white painted floor, large infinity cove, client seating area, wi-fi, imac, large separate kitchen, dressing room, shower and access to a private terrace.


Covent Garden

Location: London, WC2

Located near Covent Garden. 12 x 12 ft door access into the main studio. wall-to-floor glass windows with acoustic glass. Blackout electric blinds. Large skylight. 25 ft wide x 12 ft high infinity cove.



Location: London, N16

112 sqm, 3m high ground floor studio with natural sw daylight with option to blackout entire space.


Cambridge Heath One

Location: London, E2

Cambridge-Heath-One-Studio All White Photography Studio - Shootfactory

700 sq.ft by 210 sq.m ground floor, full black out and white walls.

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Location: London, E8

The studio is a 3500 sq ft space with full blackout, 850 sq ft infinity cove, 3 phase power and 2 tonne lighting rig. The height to the lighting grid is 4.5 meters high.


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