Three Remarkable Studios in Hackney for Your Next Shoot

Three distinctive studio locations in Hackney by Shootfactory, these venues – Hackney Hall, Hackney Mill, and Hackney Chapel – blend unique architectural features with modern facilities. Each space is thoughtfully designed to cater to various creative needs, making them ideal for everything from elaborate set builds to photo shoots.

Hackney Hall (2450 Sq Ft)

A majestic event and production space featuring a spacious Main Hall with complete blackout or daylight options, ideal for large set builds. It includes a breakout area, a production office, and an Annex Kitchen for culinary needs or additional creative space. Facilities include high-speed Wi-Fi, a powerful Bluetooth speaker system, and ample electrical outlets. The private car park serves as an added filming area, and there’s an on-site café for convenience.

Hackney Hall - 2450 Sq Ft Photography Studio - Shootfactory

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Hackney Mill (1200 Sq Ft)

This studio has original Victorian features, exposed brick walls, and rustic beams, providing diverse backdrops for shoots. It includes a cocktail bar with various power options and accessible car park access. The Mill also boasts high-speed internet and a Bluetooth speaker system, making it suitable for multiple creative projects.

Hackney Mill - 1200 Sq Ft Photography Studio - Shootfactory

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Hackney Chapel (1200 Sq Ft)

Located on the first floor, The Chapel Studio blends historic charm and modern amenities. It features arched windows, original beams, and an additional Drawing Office space. Equipped with multiple power options and an integrated high-powered Bluetooth speaker system, it’s an enchanting space for photography and film shoots, enhanced by natural daylight.

Hackney Chapel - 1200 Sq Ft Photography Studio - Shootfactory

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