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Brent Photo Shoot, TV and Film Locations for Hire

SHOOTFACTORY is the leading name in television, film, and photo shoot locations offerings in the borough of Brent. Our Brent locations are varied and extensive, ranging from quiet and cozy, to luxurious and extravagant, to neutral and minimalistic.

Our “Teignmouth” location is a prime example of ultra modernism. This Edwardian conversion home is fully furnished with a massive open plan living space. The kitchen is stocked with high-tech appliances and a central island ideal for cooking demonstrations and the like. There also includes a well landscaped modern garden, a beautiful master bedroom and standing bath, and a magnificent swimming pool.

Our “Judes” location is a picturesque 19th-century gothic church conversion. The living area, kitchen area, and dining area are all bathed in natural light due to the newly replaced stain glass windows visible at the top level of the structure. The ground floor is made from blackened oak herringbone, contrasting well with the stark white walls and hand painted arches which run the length of the central living area.

Out “Wrentham” location is a freshly refurbished turn of the century detached home. The floor is a visually pleasing oak parquet and the furnishings stand as a stimulating mix between classic and contemporary. Some of its unique features include a 1964 Wurlitzer jukebox, a polished concrete patio, and a wall-sized map of London located just above the kitchen’s central island.

In addition to location homes and apartments, SHOOTFACTORY offers a more specialised location in Brent as well. We offer a full range recording studio location in Willesden, which includes all manner of musical set pieces. Clients are free to utilise three recording control rooms and four rehearsal rooms, all of which are structured to maximise acoustics. This studio serves as an essential location for musical and other creative projects.

Brent borough borders Harrow to the northwest, Barnet to the northeast, Camden to the east, Westminster to the southeast, and Ealing to the south. The borough is a fairly balanced mix of industrial, residential, and commercial land. One major location in Brent is the nationally renowned Wembley Stadium, which welcomes over 90,000 people into Brent on the day of a major sporting event.

If you are looking for a specific type of shoot location for your work, please contact one of our members who will gladly find the exact location you are looking for, or use our Location Search page.

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