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Lambeth Photo Shoot, TV and Film Locations for Hire

SHOOTFACTORY offers outstanding locations for photo shoots, filming, videos and printed materials. Our location properties in the London Borough of Lambeth evoke the glamour of one of the most dynamic international cities in the world.

Lambeth Locations

Situated near the very heart of inner London, Lambeth extends to the south. It encompasses some extraordinary historic landmarks. These include Lambeth Palace, the London Eye, and towering Shell Centre. The latter illuminates brightly for the final minute of every year during London’s colourful New Year Eve festivities.

This exciting borough covers nearly 21 square miles. While primarily urban in character today, it still offers extensive green spaces: Clapham Common, Streatham Common, and beautiful Kennington Parks all lie within this area. West Norwood Cemetery (also known as South Metropolitan Cemetery) has stood here since 1836. It displays an impressive Gothic-style main gate.

Some of our outstanding shoot locations in Lambeth:

Chandlery, London SE1

This large apartment on an upper story boasts high ceilings, plus available vintage and modern furniture. It supplies an excellent view of the London skyline from a charming rooftop terrace. The high walls include windows admitting copious natural light. An open kitchen, plus a dedicated reception area, supply immense versatility.

Crimscot, London SE1

This delightful townhouse of three stories includes a beautiful patio. If offers a main bedroom, a winding staircase, and two distinctive living rooms. The main bedroom supplies a bathroom with a standalone clawfoot tub. Both living rooms feature fireplaces with mantles. Hardwood flooring contributes to the rustic charm of this location.

Clapham Studio, London SW4

Does your production require extensive space? Then don’t overlook the potential offered by this convenient 2,500 square foot studio. Developed on the site of a former warehouse and manufacturing facility, today this expansive space supplies available natural light through imposing skylights and windows. Oak flooring covers this location, providing a suitable surface for dancing or exercise. The site includes a kitchen with trendy stainless steel appliances, plus a variety of miscellaneous furniture (including chairs, couches, tables, and a dresser). The owner will permit decorating. Some other available amenities here include access to free WiFi, available three-phase power, a small dedicated makeup area, a shower area, and available blackout protocols to create a fully darkened shooting interior. The site provides free offstreet parking for two vehicles (more can park with prior approval).

Tate Modern, London SE1

Productions seeking a special events venue will appreciate the Tate Modern location. It offers outstanding views of London Bridge and the city skyline from an upper floor and several balconies. Do you need to film an important board meeting or executive conference with a distinctive London backdrop? The windows from this site offer panoramic vistas of the City of London. This location provides copious large glass windows and a trendy, upscale atmosphere.

Club, London SE1

Yet another specialised event space, the Club, furnishes the chic backdrop of a disco, a bar, and a nightclub all in one. With five separate rooms, four bars, and four dance floors, this location supplies versatility, too. It boasts excellent audiovisual facilities on the premises, and would accommodate a variety of lighting schemes during shoots.

Tanner, London SE1

Productions seeking specifically industrial or commercial locations will appreciate this site. Choose a single level or all three levels of this Victorian-era warehouse. The building supplies both exposed beam and exposed brick surfaces. The site includes a rooftop terrace, a loft, and an iconic industrial-style exterior. Wood rafters in the upper story and extensive wood paneling evoke a rustic, barn-like aura; the location could also suit some historic period shoots.

The Place, London SE1

This street level flat includes two bedrooms, a large bath, and a bright, naturally illuminated open sitting room. The kitchen offers a large central island. The site supplies a lovely interior plant room filled with lush vegetation, potted plants, and hanging garden baskets. Extensive art work contributes to the decor of the apartment. A standalone copper tub in the bath and a wine storage area enhance the unique decor elements of this location.

Artspace, London SE11

Do you require a bright, fully white painted interior? This distinctive apartment accessible from the Kennington Underground station and Vauxhall provides a memorable setting. With high ceilings, a mezzanine, a white grand piano, and many ornate Parisian-style furnishings painted in white, if suits some period shoots. A kitchen with a breakfast bar, white flooring, and a small intimate rooftop village-style terrace lend additional visual interest to this location.

To hire any of these locations, or to inquire in detail about any Lambeth shooting location (or other excellent sites available through SHOOTFACTORY), simply contact us at +44 (0) 207-252-3900 or email us at We look forward to assisting you during your search for the best sites for photo and film productions in this fascinating, photogenic part of London!

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