When Your Movie Needs Wildlife, Call in Wildlife Producers

Wildlife films, whether they are based primary on animals or just have a small part in the movie, are actually a lot more difficult to compose than you might think.

Having normal producers and directors for the movie may not work, simply because they do not know how to keep or control the animals involved. When it comes to producing a wildlife movie or a film that has wildlife in it, it is important to call in the wildlife producers. These trained and knowledgeable experts will be able to bring the wildlife to the big screen, capturing the beauty and natural appeal that these animals have. It may be a bear or a whale in the ocean, these producers will know how to work with the animals so that they are captured on film in a bright and beautiful manner.

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What Skills Do Wildlife Producers Have?

The difference between a normal film producer and a wildlife producer is that the wildlife expert knows how to work with and deal with exotic animals. When filming a movie with wildlife, you’re not using domestic cats and pet dogs. You will probably be filming a wide range of different animals that could otherwise be dangerous. These wildlife experts know how to work with these animals, ensuring that both the animal and the crew are safe at all times. Safety is a key factor when you’re working with wildlife, so this is something that the producer is in charge of when they are creating the film.

Being able to work with the animals and incorporate the crew with them safely is a major concern for those who are making a wildlife film. This is definitely a skill that wildlife producers possess as opposed to someone who has never made this type of movie in the past. Having a safe environment will help the movie to go more smoothly because problems are not happening due to the animals or crew involved. It is also important that the animals are cared for well while they are being put into the movie.

Capturing the Beauty of Nature

Capturing the essence and beauty of nature is also an important part of being a wildlife producer. When you’re filming any type of wildlife, whether it is a bird in the sky or a bear on the ground, things need to look as natural as possible. If a producer has never worked with wildlife before when making movies, it can be downright impossible to achieve this natural beauty that is really going to make the movie. The film might look forced because the animals are not being captured in a way that shows of their natural being. Films that depict wildlife need to be done in a natural and effortless manner so that the actual motions and emotions of the animals are captured on film. This will give the movie more of a unique quality so that it stands out from all of the rest. This will also ensure that the animals are not being forced to do anything that they would not have otherwise done just because they are going to be put into a movie for the public to see. If the movie is on a wildlife documentary, it is even more important to show the true nature of all of the animals that are involved.

Knowing the Nature of the Animals

Choosing to use wildlife producers for a film that involves animals is also important because these are experts who know animals and their behaviour. If you are working with a normal producer, they will probably not know what the behaviours are like concerning the different types of animals that they are working with on set. With wildlife experts, you are sure to be working with an expert who knows how the animal is going to behave, and they will take the steps to ensure that everyone is safe while working with this animal on film. By knowing the overall nature of the animals involved, the wildlife producer will also be able to better capture the true essence and appeal of the animals when filming. This gives more of a natural movie that is sure to stand out from the rest. Knowing the animals and their habits will also keep everyone on the set safer when they are actually going to be interacting with the animals involved. Making a movie that involves wildlife or is all about the wild can be done easily and naturally when working with wildlife producers.

These experts are trained to work with exotic animals to ensure that the movie comes out depicting these animals in a beautiful and natural way. There are many different types of movies out there, but there is nothing so amazing to film than ones that involve the gorgeous wildlife in the area of the film’s making. Having an expert by your side to film the movie ensures that all of the crew are safe while around the animal, and it also ensures that the animal is comfortable and safe at all times while it is being filmed as well.

Using Animals in Film

There are certain requirements and guidelines that also need to be adhered to when working with animals. Wildlife producers and their crew should be aware of these and maintain standards.

In the UK, the RSPCA provides guidelines and offers consultation :  performinganimals.rspca.org.uk/home
In the States, the American Human Society offers guidelines to the movie industry :  www.americanhumane.org/assets/pdfs/animals/pa-film-guidelines.pdf


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