8 of the Hottest Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

2016 is in full swing, and summer is the time of reinvention. That means that this year’s interior design trends are creeping up and we should all be in the loop about what is hot and what should be left in 2015.

1. Gallery Walls

A style of wall art that has been popping up this year are gallery walls. Essentially, a gallery wall is a series of frames mounted on a wall that each contain part of a photo, so that if you removed the frames and joined the images they would form one piece. This style is a unique take on wall art because it allows for the cohesion of an image but with a twist. The spaces between the frames can be as wide or narrow as you like, and they let the colour of your walls to peak through. Also, because the frames are spaced, this prevents the feeling of having a huge picture taking up your wall. The frames can also be kept empty but hung in the same gallery fashion for a similar effect.

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2. More Patterns

Go bold with patterns this year. Contrasting patterns are all in, so go ahead and paint that wall with bright stripes even if it’s across from exposed brick. Be mindful of what you choose of course, because you don’t want to overwhelmed a space, but don’t be afraid to play around. Utilize the floor as a great way to add some contrast to a room with a geometric pattern, for example. Floral prints are coming back in a big way, so consider a statement piece of furniture, like a couch or armchair, that would look good in florals to add contrast to the rest of your space.

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3. Garden Modules

2016 is going to the year of hanging things on walls. Like a gallery wall for art, a garden module is very similar. It consists of mounted shelves or containers that elevate plants off of the ground. This type of decoration is best suited for smaller plants, and even works well with succulents. The great part about having plants on the wall is that you can use it as a piece of art to draw attention to the space. Place the shelves or containers in a specific pattern, or alternate the colours of your plants for a natural and eye catching addition to otherwise simple walls.

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4. Textured Materials in Subtle Places

While sleek simplicity is found almost everywhere these days, don’t be afraid to experiment with materials this year. From highly textured tapestries to vases decorated with lace, placing certain fabrics and materials on unsuspecting items adds a sense of uniqueness to your space. This tip works well with small items like pots for house plants, the boarders of shelves, or decorations on the wall. Wrap twine around the edge of a flower pot, glue imitation pearls or other subtle touches to the boarders of a shelf, or hang a coarse tapestry against a simple wall; it’s unsuspecting places like those that allow you to add subtle touches without drawing too much attention.

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5. Sophisticated Colours

There was a time when bright, neon walls were in, but that time has passed. What’s become popular this year are sophisticated colours. This goes for both furniture and walls. Sophisticated does not have to mean boring or muted– some examples include cobalt blue, burgundy, and lavender. You can still go bright or intense with colours like these while keeping things from looking tacky or immature. A deep emerald green chair can draw attention in a room with an otherwise simple colour scheme, for example, but maintain a mature vibe.

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6. Brass Accents

Brass is all in this year. Metallic’ s as a whole are making a reappearance, but brass is in specific demand for 2016. From doorknobs to light fixtures, brass adds a rustic touch to your space. The kitchen is a great place to add brass accents and give off the vibe of putting in hard work. A creative idea to consider that involves brass, if you’re looking to occupy some wall space, is to create a frame to hang things, such as pots and pans, using brass pipes and joints. Brass adds an industrial vibe and will merge nicely in a well-lit room. Because it’s not a dark metal, it’s very appropriate for the summer, so swap out some knobs and grab some brass accents to give your space a summery yet sophisticated feeling.

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7. Potted Plants and Foliage

Similar to the garden modules, more greenery is coming into play this year. The main difference is that potted plants are taking over, especially exotic foliage. What you’ll see more often than actual house plants are large, waxy leaves that are low maintenance. This type of greenery adds life to your room without the overly distracting colours that most plants provide. Get a large pot to house the foliage then stick it in the corner, and you’ll have a simple touch that isn’t overbearing to your space.

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8. Furniture Layout

The last trend that has arrived in 2016 is a simple layout when it comes to furniture. You’ll see minimalistic undertones in number of furniture pieces that are in a room, as we’ll as in how they are arranged. The time for crowding a room with bulky furniture is done. How sleek an item is becoming a valuable trait for interior design. The layout should be efficient; seating should be placed in way to facilitate conversation, but not so much that it becomes suffocating to those in the conversation. Electronics are more often being mounted on walls instead of taking up space on cabinet tops– simplicity is in.

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