Filming in the UK – I Know A Great Place!

From Scotland to Cornwall, the UK is a gem of locations for film makers!

The UK, despite its small size, is full of contrasts.  Scottish rugged islands, lochs and windswept moors and more…

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England’s rolling hills and chocolate box cottages; the dramatic beauty of the Welsh mountains, valleys and lakes; peaceful coasts, areas of historical interest and landscapes celebrated by artists and writers. Britain’s transport infrastructure offers easy access to all these location opportunities.

Filming Locations in the UK

There are a number of incentives for filmmakers who are considering basing a production in the UK: talented performers; experienced and professional technicians and crews; top quality studio, post production, visual effects and music facilities; the expertise of our support companies across every facet of the production process.  A film friendly Government which has helped bring about fiscal and regulatory reform; attractive tax reliefs; a stable industry with a first-rate reputation; highly competitive costs; a well-organised network of national and regional screen agencies which can assist productions anywhere in the UK; and the stunning diversity of filming locations.

Recent Productions

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Sweeney Todd, Brideshead Revisited, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, The Dark Knight, Hippie Hippie Shake, Happy Go Lucky, St Trinian’s, The Edge of Love.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

Support for film culture and the film industry in the UK is extensive. For information on the UK film tax credit visit the UK Film Council website ( The UK Film Council receives two streams of public funding: money from the National Lottery and from grant support. There is also the UK film tax credit.

Filming Studios

With big name studios and stages such as Pinewood, home to the world famous 007 James Bond stage, the largest in Europe, the UK is able to compete on a global level. Whether you need a mock up aircraft carrier or an underwater scene, the UK’s main studios offer the very latest in advanced sound stage and post production services, and regularly produce international blockbusters. There are numerous studios in the UK, many able to host a large number of films at any one time. Various studio complexes offer a range of stage sizes and excellent support services to meet the needs of any production. The studios are conveniently located in and around major cities, with good transport links. Specialist water tanks and underwater stages are also available.

Filming Locations

From sweeping moorlands made famous by Wuthering Heights to the streets of London most recently seen in the Oscar-winning Kings Speech, the UK has a location for every requirement. The countrys rich historical heritage lends itself to almost every film, whether it be stunning castles for Harry Potter or Nottingham Forest for Robin Hood. Yet despite the vast range of landscapes, travelling between locations is never a challenge given the size of the UK. The ability to move from capital to countryside or from mountains to coast with ease has long attracted directors to the UK keen to exploit the country’s natural beauty and iconic landmarks.

Private Land:

A number of national bodies manage property and land often requested for filming, and they include: The National Trust Royal Parks English Heritage Ministry of Defence Forestry Commission British Waterways

Open space and roads:

Filming in open space will usually require the permission of the local authority or council, while filming on roads and public highways will require permission from the local Highways Agency or authority. The use of firearms and explosives and imitation police vehicles will require police permission.


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