Love Film? UK Filming Location Holidays Ideas

The current generation and the one before this are all hard-core movie geeks, having been raised on a staple diet of Hollywood movies and blockbusters.

When you decide to plan a trip to the UK, the first thing on your itinerary is always the best film locations that must never be missed on a trip there. You must already know about the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Star Wars Miniland Experience and a few common ones. However, here is a list of filming locations that are equally fun and often missed by tourists.

UK Filming Location Holiday Ideas - Burghley House - Shootfactory

1. Pride and Prejudice, Burghley House

Admit it! You have swooned over Mr Darcy and would love to retrace the steps of Elizabeth Bennett, played by Keira Knightley in the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The walkways are opulent, the halls ornate and the rooms grand, all this combined would send you right back to your favourite Jane Austen novel. The stately experience of the 16th century Burghley House would make your holiday more perfect.

2. Warhorse, Dartmoor

Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irvine left war themed movie fans reeling and gasping with their exquisite performance. The horses in the movie had a huge role to play, which is why many families offered their horses for service in the movie. Villages like Meavy and Sheepstor in Devon come under the filming locations of War Horse. Also, you might want to visit Dartmoor National Park, and especially, Ringmoor Down and Combestone Tor.

3. Trainspotting, Edinburgh

The seminal novel of Irvine Welsh had to deal with a lot of violence and explored heroin addiction but Edinburgh is far from the dark city you expect it to be. Leith Walk would make you feel like Ewan McGregor when the security guard pursued him in the beginning of the movie. Also, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a historian’s delight with its beautiful and important monuments, buildings and cultural life. The architecture is stunning, and the general vibe is hospitable and friendly. If you happen to visit the place in August, you’d be able to witness and experience the Fringe festival, which is a joy to behold.

4. Local Hero, Pennan

Pennan is a quaint little village that is located at the foot of the rocky cliffs. It is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and you will find peace in the rocky beach and the small harbour, plus the excellent view of picture perfect cottages that dot the scenery. Pennan had its time of fame because of “˜Local Hero” in 1980s. Even though the red phone box in the movie was a shipped prop, it is now a permanent fixture in the fishing village and has a listed status.

5. World War Z, Glasgow

Remember globe trotter Brad Pitt looking for a cure to the zombie pandemic in World War Z? Well, to relive that experience, you have to visit Glasgow where most of the movie was shot. The orange brickwork in the city was what gave the zombies their playground. You can visit George Square, which would remind you of most of the action scenes in the film. The movie’s Philadelphia was, in fact, Glasgow City Centre, which was lit up with American street signs, vehicles and lights. When you visit Glasgow, you’d certainly wish to be stuck there, in case the world does go to the zombies.

The U.S. might be the one stop for action flicks but when it comes to great talent, acting and brilliant film locations, UK has always lead. Once you visit all these locations of your favourite movies, watching them again with your friends would become an entirely different experience for you and certainly, much more fun.


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