Property Photography Tips from our Location Library experts

Photographing the interior and exterior of a property can be a challenge, but you can accomplish great photos when you follow a few tips.

To get started, you will need the right kinds of photography equipment for quality photos. These tips can help you choose the equipment, use natural lighting, prepare the home and edit the photos.

Architectural Photography - The Beauty of the Building

Property Photography Tips

You will need a good professional quality camera with extra features that will help you to take photos in low lighted areas. In addition, a wide-angle lens is needed for taking property photos. Sometimes, you may need a tripod for taking your photos. Exterior shots that are taking in slower shutter speeds or lower lighting settings will be better photos when a tripod is used. You will want a sturdy tripod to hold your camera. It should be easy to adjust to get many creative shots. The tripod helps keep your images clear and crisp.

The trick to good photos is your lighting. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your lighting. Your photos will look better with the proper amount of lighting. The sunlight should be considered when scheduling a photo shoot. For instance, if you take photos of a property that faces the east, your photos will not be very good if they are done in the evening since you would be shooting into the sunlight. Shooting photos during the midday will be a better time since the sun will be over the home. This option offers better lighting for the photos. However, there are exceptions to this time. For instance, property that is located on the water or has a beautiful sunset view may be better photographed during the early morning or evening hours to capture the natural beauty of the area. In addition, the quality of light can change over time.

Architectural Photography - Frame the Image

Therefore, you will want to shoot photos before, after and during a sunset to get the best photos. This will give you a wide range of images to choose from later. Your photos can be enhanced by using a computer programme to get the best image. You can add details, contrast and supplemental lighting. Photoshop can replace reflections and enhance colours. Shadows can be improved with additional adjustments where needed.

Inside and outside photographs will be better when you de-clutter the area. A cluttered house will make a photograph less appealing. For a superb photograph, the home should be organised with fewer distractions. For example, collections of deer heads, figurines and other trinkets can give the home a cluttered appearance. Removing these items before taking photos can ensure a cleaner and beautiful picture. To get great property photos, you will need to take your photos from chest level. Even though a tripod can extend to eye levels, the best shots are done from a lower angle. The chest level shots will create a unique exposure.

Each room has a specific feature that you may want to highlight in your photos. You can rearrange items in the room to make the features stand out in the photos. For instance, a fireplace, piano or stairs can be highlighted with bright objects to draw your attention to that part of the room. To make your interior property photos appear spacious, you should not shoot directly at the walls to prevent flat looking photos. To create more depth in your photos, you should shoot toward the corners of the room. In addition, this will make the room look larger.

Take your time to get the best photos, and be prepared to edit where needed. You will want to take plenty of shots of each scene to make sure that you have a good photo to edit. The goal of a photographer is to make any home look great. A well designed home that has great lighting will be easy to photograph, but some homes lack the lighting needed to make them look great in photos. Therefore, knowing a few tips can help you enhance any photo to make a home look beautiful.  


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