Raw Photo Shoot: no Makeup, no Retouching with Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has recently made a name for herself as an advocate for body confidence. Earlier this year, Lovato did a super sexy lingerie photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, but now she is taking her body love to the next level by posing for Vanity Fair in a nude and un-retouched pictorial.

Demi Lovato Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot


The X-Factor USA judge, whose song, “Cool For the Summer” has been a Top-40 sensation, did not have an easy time reaching this level of confidence. She has been treated for bulimia, along with a self-harming disorder and drug abuse. In 2010, Lovato was forced to withdraw from her tour with the Jonas Brothers to seek help for these issues. She was just eighteen years old at the time. After years of struggling with self-acceptance, this raw photo shoot sends a clear message. Not only is there no retouching and no clothes, but also zero makeup.

Lovato made it clear that the shoot was her idea, saying, “So how do I really embrace this chapter? How do I really walk the walk? So what if we do a super sexy photo shoot, but it’s not super fancy? Where it’s no makeup, it’s raw, it’s real, it’s un-retouched, it’s here, it’s now.”

Demi Lovato Vanity Fair Raw Photo Shoot


It is easy to see why Demi Lovato has titled her 2015 album Confident, but what if you are lacking that self-confidence in your own daily life? How can you be just as secure going cosmetic-free to work or taking a no-makeup selfie?

Demi Lovato Vanity Fair Photo Shoot


Tips to looking your best without piling on the concealer:

1. Care for Your Skin

If you are preoccupied about spots or wrinkles (or both), it is going to be hard to feel comfortable going without makeup. First, reevaluate your cleansing routine. Are you stripping your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dull? If so, look into a cleansing oil. Some experts even swear by using a cleaning oil followed by a foaming face wash to get skin that deep-down clean.

2. Use Sunscreen

Many of us rely on the built-in SPF in our cosmetics to cover for our sun protection laziness. If you are going to do away with makeup, be sure and use a daily sunscreen.

3. Tidy Up Eyebrows (and Unwanted Facial Hair)

If you want to look gorgeous in photographs without makeup or retouching, be sure and groom your eyebrows. To keep a natural look, avoid tweezing brows into tiny commas, and just get rid of errant hairs. You might also consider bleaching or waxing lip and chin hairs, because you will not be using foundation or powder to cover them.

4. Remove Surface Stains on Teeth

Without a lipstick to make them look whiter, your teeth might appear a bit yellow in the photo. To combat this, look into over the counter whitening strips to get teeth at least a shade whiter. Avoid coffee, or sip it through a lidded cup (rather than a mug) to keep your hot beverage from staining your teeth.

5. Drink Water

Proper hydration plumps skin to help it look healthy and reflect light. Be sure you get a minimum of six glasses a day, plus more if you work out. Try adding lemon or sliced cucumber to get extra vitamins and flavour.

6. Smile

The “duck face” made popular on Instagram is a joke for a reason. The ridiculous fake pout not only looks silly, it also accentuates frown lines. Smile proudly to project confidence. Those who see the photo will be impressed by your confidence as well ask by your natural beauty. You might not be ready for a nude photoshoot in a Manhattan hotel room like Demi Lovato, but at least you won’t mind those holiday photos now.


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